Rich chocolate with assorted fruits and cakes for dipping

Almond flour cookie sandwich, intense creamy center

Flourless Chocolate Cake*
Ganache, raspberry and whipped cream

Dark Chocolate Bark
Our Belgium chocolate sprinkled with a variety of fruits or nuts.

Chocolate almond horns*
Almond cookie, sliced almond, chocolate

Shortbread Cookies
Decadent and buttery, with a coat of milk or dark chocolate

Dark and milk chocolate, with or without pecans

Flourless Chocolate Cookie*
A dense, fudgey cookie and another option that will satisfy your need for a quick chocolate bite.

Lemon Tart
Smooth and zippy lemon tart in a melt in your mouth tart shell

Chocolate Tart
Creamy chocolate tart with a delightful crisp crust

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Thick and chewy

Ugly Cookies
Chocolate chip, cocoa nibs, pistachios and Christine’s gourmet toffee

Spicy Chocolate Cookie
A chocolate cookie with a hint of peppery spice at the end. And it’s vegan!

Parisian Hot Chocolate
4 ounces of thick and velvety chocolate, it’s like drinking a truffle

Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Iced Coffee, Loose Teas, Local beer, Bottled water, San Pellegrino, Soda, a selection of wines and sparkling wines selected to compliment the menu

House made soups from the freshest ingredients. Designed to warm you up or cool you down, depending on the season.

Divine. Light, fluffy, flaky and rich all at once. Two varieties daily including one vegetarian.

Hand-crafted and pressed to order. Two varieties daily including one vegetarian.

Special creations change often. Visit Chocolaterian to see what’s new

* indicates gluten-free item

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