The People’s History of the Chocolaterian Café

Leanne Cordisco not only managed to create, launch and produce Christine’s Toffee and Caramels, she did it all while holding down a full-time corporate gig. The growth of business required a new kitchen to keep up with demand. That need sparked a discussion about expanding not just to a new space, but to a new kind of offering altogether. Together with her good friend and frequent kitchen assistant, Kimberly Vrubley, herself an entrenched corporate cog, Cordisco created a new company – Chocolaterian. Cordisco and Vrubley’s vision was to provide Madison with something they thought it needed – a space to get great desserts focused on chocolate creations. The search for a suitable space led them to the venerable Schenk-Huegel building at 2004 Atwood Avenue.

Co-owners Leanne Cordisco and Kimberly Vrubley

Overseeing an extensive remodeling project while maintain existing production of toffee and caramels led to a busy summer. Cordisco and Vrubley both eventually ditched their corporate jobs and jumped headlong into their new endeavor.

Chocolaterian opened in October 2012 and has been steadily refining its approach as it strives to be the place for an unforgettable dessert and chocolate experience

About the owners:

Leanne Cordisco is the founder of Popular Snacks and creator of Christine’s Toffee and Caramels – both in 2009 and the co-founder of Chocolaterian in 2012. She has an engineering degree and over 20 years of experience providing service and training on medical devices. Leanne has been cooking all her life and loves to share her creations with friends both old and new. Mangia. Mangia!!

 Kimberly Vrubley is the co-founder of Chocolaterian. She has an engineering degree and an MBA and has been a quality engineer/manager in the medical device industry for over 15 years. Kimberly has a passion for baking and always dreamt of becoming a pastry chef. She is also smart enough to know that she is not one…. yet :-) .


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